The Mihrāb or Prayer-niche

Titus Burckhardt describes the mihrāb as ‘indisputably a creation of sacred art’, an area in every masjid which indicates the qibla, or direction of the Kāba in Makkah. Art historians believe this element was introduced into masjid architecture during the Umayyad caliph al-Walīd, it’s probable the design replaced a simplified door form, indicating the direction of … More The Mihrāb or Prayer-niche

Healing Through Food

Throughout a lifetime of searching continuously for holistic alternatives to modern pharmaceutical medicines, and struggling with morbid thoughts of damaging side effects, I embarked on a journey of exploration, seeking various alternatives that provide nutrition and sustenance with each and every mouthful. So through this process I discovered, albeit naively, that modern pharmaceuticals used in western … More Healing Through Food